Monday, August 8, 2011

Hospital Planning

Hospital Project  Planning :

The below mentioned are the first four steps in planning a hospital project.
I am showing one example of a patient room.

For any health-space planning, these are the first four steps :

1)  Equipment Planning :-  list all the medical equipments that are required in the space.
2)  Space Planning :-  depending on the medical equipments, the relevant furniture & fixtures and number of people to be accomodated in this space,  carry out the space requirement estimates.

3) Services Planning : - depending on the type of procedure going to be performed in this space, list all the services required in this space such as water, AC, medical gas, electric points etc.,

4)  Interior Planning :-  This will make all other work look nice.  This will create a nice environment for both the person being treated (patient) and person offering treatment (Nurse/Doctor).  Try to create healing environment here.

A biomedical engineer is the best person who knows all about all the biomedical equipments.  

He/she also knows what services are required by the medical equipments  (such as power, AC, water, drainage etc.,).  

Additionally, he/she knows what procedure is going to take place in this space and therefore he/she can give an estimate about the sizes of space too.  

Finally, the comfort level by the healthcare taker is also known to the nurse and biomedical engineers who can guide the architect and interiors about the beautification of the space.

Thus, for any hospital project planning and execution, you should rather must involve a biomedical engineer.

A biomedical engineer becomes a vital link between the client / doctor and the architect / designer.

If you can not find a biomedical engineer in your area, please feel free to contact me.


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